Thursday, 21 July 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thundercats 2012 4 Inch Panthro

The second year of figures was shorter than the first wave, simply down to the fact that this was when Thundercats sadly died off.

Panthro comes on a card that is identical to the first release.The artwork on the front exactly the same. The only difference here is the redesigned figure in the card.

Panthro's card back shows the figure with the nunchucks. It has a bio for him and the show on the back too, in different languages. Underneath, there's a listing for the vehicles in the line so far, then a listing of all the figures in the Year 2 Basic line up.

Like Lion-O, the redesigned Panthro is largely the same as the original figure. The torso, waist and legs are from the original. Only difference here are the cybernetic arms and the snarling face, with teeth bared. He shares the same articulation as the original figure and the nunchucks come in 2 varieties. A smaller pair to clip on his back, the larger pair for the figure to hold.

The redesigned Panthro looks great. The detailing on the arms is fantastic. I would recommend getting him for an upgraded figure, as it shows his updated look for the last half of the series. He's fairly easy to find on the secondary market.