Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Corgi 60th Anniversary van

2016 is the 60th anniversary. Corgi is well known among UK collectors, as they were a major toy car manufacturer in the 1960s and 70s, competing with the likes of Matchbox and Dinky. They were a very successful company, with the James Bond DB5 from Goldfinger being one of their most successful toys. In recent years, they were bought out by Hornby, the train manufacturer. These days, they make aircraft, trucks, buses and taxis for the collector's market.

The van was released last month as part of the 60th anniversary collection. The pin and van were there to celebrate the anniversary in a more generic way, with a series of their more popular models being released over the course of the year. The van comes in a yellow and blue window box that is very reminiscent of their older products. On the front of the box, is LIMITED EDITION, the new Corgi logo and 60 YEARS font on the front.

The top of the window box follows on with the blue and yellow theme, with LIMITED EDITION being in the blue square and the 1950s font for the CORGI TOYS logo being used in the yellow section.

The sides of the box are the same on both sides. It's primarily bright yellow with the old style CORGI TOYS logo at the top, the new Corgi logo and then 1956-2016 in the blue banner at the bottom. The sides of the box use the new collector friendly packaging, which allows collectors to open the box, display the van and put it back in without damaging the packaging, which is a great move on their part.

Before we look at the van itself, inside the box, we have a CORGI TOYS collector card. It's a long piece of plastic that follows on with the blue and yellow theme. The van is limited edition, a run of 3000 will only be made. Mine is 681. 

The van itself comes in a plastic tray that has a cover over the top. It's collector friendly and isn't taped down, which is a real benefit. It fits neatly in the box too.

The van itself follows on from the yellow and blue theme. The main body is diecast metal, with the underside and roof of the van being plastic. The wheels roll fine. It has a CORGI logo printed on the van doors, it;s the same on both sides, as is the design on the side, which features a number of models on the upper section, then underneath has "CELEBRATING 60 YEARS OF CORGI 1956-2016" printed underneath. There's  CORGI license plate printed on the front. One thing to note, that like a lot of earlier models, the van does NOT have plastic windows at all. The side doors don't open either.

The back of the van has molded on doors, which don't open and has molded on tail lights, but they aren't painted either. The CORGI license plate is on the back of the van too. The underside is plastic and does have some detailing. The wheels are plastic too, held in by a metal axle. The model is a reused DAY'S GONE van from the Lledo range, however, I couldn't tell you which real world van it is or what it's based on. I think it's some kind of electric milk float or electric delivery vehicle, but am unsure of model and year. 

As far as anniversary vehicles go, this is a great throwback. It's a nice nod to one of their earliest models and updating it for the modern collector. While this isn't aimed at kids, they might get some use out of it, but at the end of the day, it's aimed solely at the older adult collector, who grew up playing with Corgi and Dinky toys as children and may still collect them. You can buy it directly from Corgi here and view the rest of the 60th collection here