Monday, 15 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Dino Super Charge Plesio Power Pack

Earlier this month, the new line of Dino Super Charge toys were released. As well as all new ones, there were repackages of older ones in the new boxes.

The new Power Packs have finally hit UK shores. All the power packs are the same. You get a rubbery plastic zord and 2 chargers. In this instance, we have the Plesio version. It comes carded like an action figure and features the new logo of Tyler in Super Drive. The bubble is open, showing the two chargers inside their tray and the zord that comes in two pieces.

The back of the card mainly shows how the chargers work and how to play with them. To be honest, Bandai have done great work in making the chargers have maximum play value. You get the 2 piece zord, the charger, which works normally. it can be used in the new Super Charge morpher or regular one. It can be used to activate features in the zords themselves and be scanned into the app. The bottom section of the card has a visual checklist of chargers that are available now.

As this set is based on the Plesio Zord, the rubbery pieces in this are modeled after Plesio in it's space ship form. Despite being largely solid purple, it does have a large amount of detailing on both pieces. The paint applicatons are bare, a green pair of eyes and white on the teeth. It does come in two pieces and if you already own these power packs, you can swap the pieces around and make your own wacky combinations. The two pieces can also hold a charger between them, but doesn't fully close.

The first charger in this set is the one that it's named after. Plesio. From what I can see, this is a repack of the standard charger. It comes in violet and has the drum, which features the charger draining from full. The back reads PLESIOSAURUS and will scan into the app

The second charger in this set is a special one. It's clear and is the VICTORY charger. This charger is supposed to represent the powers of all 5 rangers combined into one. The artwork on the drum is the 5 dinos, then going fossil. The charger itself is gold and features VICTORY on the back.

I was able to find this set at my local toy store, The Entertainer, for £8. I'm glad I found it. I think the Power Packs are a great way of expanding any collection of chargers with new versions of chargers. yes, there are some repacks of older chargers, but I think that's the trade off for the 2 chargers and a mini zord.