Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Disney Parks Indiana Mickey Coin Bank

Aside from actual Disney parks merchandise, one of Disney's biggest earners is of course Licensed Merchandise, be it Star Wars, Indiana Jones or the Muppets. One of which, aside from Star Wars, is Indiana Jones, Disney Parks merchandise has done a great job of melding the worlds of Indiana Jones and Disney,

One of the more popular nick-nacks that are released in parks is the character banks. In this instance, we have an Indiana Mickey character bank. It stands about 9 inches tall and about 5 inches in width. It features Indiana Mickey leaning against the Idol's stand, with the logo on the bottom. The figure is well detailed, with washes on his tan shirt, pants and jacket. There's no shoulder bag and he's holding the Mickey themed Fertility Idol. It's made of PVC

The back of the bank shows the stand with the coin slot. There's even swirl patterns carved into the stand, which is great detail, as well as painted on and molded on dry grass. The base of the bank has 3 other items from the movies. It has an all gold Holy Grail. The Sankara Stones and the Crystal Skull of Akator, which in this instance is molded after Stitch's skull. They're well painted and the skull even has a glassy paint effect on it.

The bottom has a coin release, which is a simple twist to lock and unlock. It also has a 2011 copyright stamp. As character banks go, this is a great one. It looks great and for  $12, you can't go wrong. However, if you are buying this to use internationally, you WILL need to modify the coin slot, as it's sized to American coins. I had to take a knife to mine, to resize the slot to fit British currency.