Friday, 19 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: The Force Awakens First Order Snow Trooper

When The Force Awakens was released to the world in December of 2015, it was well regarded by fans as a return to the classic Star Wars we all know and love. It was a marketing juggernaut,

The Snow Trooper comes on the standard 4 inch blister card. It has the Kylo Ren banner on the hangar. On the left hand side, there's artwork if the Trooper, holding his rifle in a snow storm. The rest of the bubble is made up of the actual figure and his build-a-weapon parts.

The back of the card shows the figures that are available in the Wave 2 of Snow figures. The rest of the card has a bio of the Snow Troopers. Underneath that, there's a graphic on the Build-A-Weapon pieces and the item it makes.

It has an included instruction sheet. It's double sided and the first side is showing the 3 figures in wave 2 of Snow, as well as their Build-A-Weapon Items. The other side shows the combined Build-A-Weapon

The figure stands 4 inches tall. Clad primarily in white with scant black detailing. It's minimal, yet functional. The figure has the standard 5 points of articulation. Moving at the head, shoulders and hips. 

His accessories are a pair of blades that fit over his arms and a First Order Blaster rifle. The blades are in a white plastic with blades themselves being painted blue. The blaster rifle is primarily in white, with black detailing around the muzzle, stock and sight. It fits well in either of his hands. 

Overall, not bad for a troop builder figure. It's well detailed for a figure of this size. Articulation is the new standard. I was able to get this on clearance for £2 from Tesco, even then I feel that it's well worth the price.