Friday, 19 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: The Force Awakens First Order Stormtrooper

The Force Awakens was released in Cinemas across the globe in December of 2015. It was a hit with fans. Due to this, the movie had a massive merchandising glut.

Released in the second wave of "Snow" themed figures, the Stormtrooper comes on the standard 4 inch scale figures card. Along the top section of the card, is the Kylo Ren banner. On the left hand side, is artwork of the Stormtrooper in a snow scene. The rest of the card is made up of the figure inside the bubble.

On the back of the card,there's a look at all 3 figures in the Second wave of Snow figures. In the middle of the card, there's a bio for the Stormtrooper, underneath that, there's a graphic of all the Build-A-Weapon pieces.

The included double sided instruction sheet shows the figures in the wave and the weapons they come with, The other side shows how the build-a-weapon pieces put together to form the big cannon.

The stormtrooper comes modeled perfectly after their appearance in the movie. He stands around 4 inches tall and is articulated in the head, shoulders and hips. The leg armour does impede the figure sitting down fully.

His main accessory is the First Order Blaster rifle. Like the Snow Trooper, it comes mainly in white, but has black detailing on the muzzle, stock and scope. It comes with a clip on the side and can plug directly into the small hole cut into the leg of the trooper. 

His Build-A-Weapon piece is a mounted cannon. It does have some minor articulation in the handle at the top and the base.

I picked this figure up for £2 from Tesco. They were clearancing a lot of Star Wars figures. At £2, I think this was a great purchase, especially for a troop builder figure.