Friday, 19 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: The Force Awakens Kanan Jarrus

When Star Wars Rebels aired on TV, it became a smash hit. Set in the era between the end of the clone wars and the rise of the empire, it follows a group of rebels, fighting against the Empire.

While still part of the The Force Awakens toyline, the Kanan Jarrus figure is part of the expansion series. Released under the Desert wave, the card has the upper section with the Kylo Ren banner. The is know The Force Awakens on the logo. The left hand side shows Kanan running across the desert with his lightsaber drawn.

The back of the card is orange, denoting the Desert theme. It also has the 3 figures in the Desert wave. It also has a short bio for Kanan, It also shows the 3 piece Build-A-Weapon by getting all three figures in this second wave.

The double sided instruction sheet shows the 3 figures on the front side, then on the back, shows how the three weapons come together to make a super weapon.

Kanan stands around 4 inches tall and is modelled after his appearance in the first season of the Rebels cartoon series. Articulation is in the head, shoulders and hips.The holstered blaster at his hip is sadly non removable

Kanan's main accessory is a blue lightsaber that he can hold in either hand. The blade is well detailed and is actually secure, not feeling like it'll fall out of his hand. 

His Build-A-Weapon piece is a large blaster cannon that he can hold in either hand. It's well detailed and is secure. 

I picked this figure up from Tesco. It was being clearanced at £2. The figure is incredible. The sculpt is close to the cartoon. He honestly does look like he's stepped right out of Rebels and is in plastic form. Many might throw away the weapon piece, but that's subjective.