Monday, 29 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Ghostbusters Slime Tub (Silmer)

In 1984, we were treated to a new style of horror comedy. It came from the minds of Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. It is perhaps one of the biggest franchises to date.

Released earlier this year to capitalise on the 2016 reboot by Paul Feig, H Grossman tapped into nostalgia to release the Slime Tub. It comes carded on a black card, with the GHOSTBUSTERS logo down the right hand side and the NO-GHOST logo on the upper left. The Slimer figure is in a bubble with the tub of slime next to it. The SLIME TUB logo is in the grey and orange theme that was seen on the reboot uniforms.

The back of the card shares the same theme on the front. This time with the NO GHOST logo being shot at with a proton stream. It shows the slime tub being knocked over and all 3 figures in these series. On the far left, we have a look at the Yo-Yo and the Whoopee Cushion also released by H. Grossman

The Slimer figure stands about 2 inches tall and is made of a rubbery plastic. He's modelled after his appearance from the movies and is more of a figurine, not an action figure, sporting no articulation at all.

The slime itself comes in a drum, with the NO GHOST emblem on the top. Along the top and bottom of the drum is warning tape and on the main body is the warnings of SLIME and CAUTION ECTOPLASM LEAKAGE DANGER. The top pops off thanks to the little handle. This slime is that old school putty type that smells weird and damages fabrics. The one your mum would ban from the house and never allow you to play with near the carpets

I'm gonna be honest. This set is as nostalgic as it gets. These retail for about £2 in stores like Tesco and would have been right at home in the 1990s. They're a pot of slime and a ghost figure. Any Ghostbusters fan would have paid that in the 90s, much as many will do here, just to relive their past.