Monday, 29 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Ghostbusters Slime Tub (No-Ghost)

Earlier this year, Paul Feig released a rebooted version the Ghostbusters movie. It was met with criticism and has since been considered a flop by many people.

The No-Ghost Slime Tub was released to coincide with the movie. It was created by H. Grossman. The card is plain black with slime dripping down it. On the upper left, we have the No-Ghost insignia. On the right hand side of the card has the GHOSTBUSTERS movie logo. The figure and slime tub sit in a bubble in the middle. The bottom of the card has the orange and grey theme from the movie.

The back of the card is exactly the same as the others in the line. We can see the same black card with the slime dripping down. The only difference here is that the No-Ghost insignia is being busted by a proton stream. On the right, there are adverts for the Yo-Yo and Whoopee Cushion, also released by H. Grossman. The rest of the card has the figures and the slime tub itself.

The interesting thing here, is that the figure is of the No-Ghost emblem. It's cast in solid plastic and has no articulation. We can see behind the figure and it's of a classic ghost. 

The slime itself comes in an oil drum like container and has warning labels on it, as well as the No-Ghost insignia on the lid. The lid pops off with the small tab. The slime itself is that sticky putty like slime. It's that one we all grew up with in the 80s and 90s. It smells weird, flows slowly, ruins clothing and our mums banned us from ever having it in the house, much less near the carpet.

H. Grossman did great cashing in on nostalgia during this. The inclusion of the Ghostbusers "No-Ghost" logo is an odd choice for a figure. However, it is a £2 figure and something that wouldn't have felt out of place in Kenner's 1990s Real Ghostbusters line.