Monday, 15 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Gokaiger Candy Toy Ranger Key Series 3 (Gokai Christmas)

When Gokaiger aired in 2011, it was an anniversary series, dedicated to 35 years of Super Sentai, going all the way back to April 1975. The gimmick was that the Gokaigers could use ranger keys of previous Sentai teams to become the rangers in question, as well as use their weapons and team attacks. It was a love letter to a franchise that has lasted 40 years now.

Gokai Christmas comes in the standard box for all the candy toys. It shows the character and the ranger key on the font. Unlike other toys, which were blind boxes, these clearly show you what the figure is. The interesting thing is, unlike the standard logo on the front, this one has a christmas theme to it, with Holly and snowflakes.

The back of the box is exactly the same as the Princess Shinken Red box. It shows the rest of the figures in the series, as well as how it works with the Legendary Mobilates.

Inside the box, we have the ranger key, which is a repainted Gokaiger key, as well as the sticker sheet which has the black piece for between the legs and the red and green Gokaiger sticker for the back of the key. The other details are pre-painted on.

Here's the finished key, with all the decals in place. It doesn't have the spring mechanism from older keys, instead having a ratchet joint. It comes pre-painted in green and white, with the details printed on, which is primarily the skull on the chest. 

These 4 are great ways of rounding off any sentai ranger key collection. They won't work in a US Legendary Morpher at all, However, you can find them on the secondary market for around £10 per key