Thursday, 4 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Immune

Dir: Steven Tayler
Cast: Christopher Clarke and Simon Jarrett
Year: 2016
Release: Limited theatrical run, DVD and VOD
Production Company: Halogen Entertainment

Immune is an independent zombie horror movie all filmed within the Midlands, especially in the Coventry area. Made on a budget of around £180,000. 

The prologue starts off with a news report about a new chemical that could end world hunger and has been extracted from a pesticide. However, it was inadequately tested and slipped into the food chain, causing the collapse of civilisation. Around 98% of the world's population was killed off. The remaining 2% are zombies.

9 months later, the world we know it is gone. No power, no shops, no jobs, no nothing. Here, we meet Jack. He is somehow immune to the plague, but ekes out an existence, scavenging for whatever meager supplies he can find by raiding empty houses and shops. He's set himself up in a middle class home in a nice neighbourhood, believing he was safer hiding in plain sight, rather than setting up a base elsewhere. The rest of the first act is dedicated to showing Jack's survival by raiding everywhere, carrying weapons and only being out in the day, as the zombies appear to be photosensitive, burning up in daylight.

Act 2 introduces us to a new character, Tommy Shields. During one of his frequent outings to find supplies, Jack passes an unconscious man with a bite mark on his arm. Jack reluctantly takes him in, wondering if he'll turn. It also appears Tommy is immune as well. The rest of this act is based around Tommy and Jack forming and building on their friendship, Jack glad to finally have some company as he's been alone for the last 9 months or more.

In Act 3, Tommy decides that he wants to go to Kenilworth to find out if his wife and child survive. After a bit of pressure and finding their home ransacked while they were out, they decide to leave for Kenilworth, sticking to their tactic of moving by day, hiding by night. A failed visit to Kenilworth leaves them no option other than to head to The Village for help, despite Tommy's protests of "they're not going to be welcome"After a meeting with Joshua, the head of the village goes south, our heroes have to fight their way to freedom or face a similar fate. They soon find themselves sleeping rough and when they wake up, the see an army of immune zombies, walking freely in the daylight. They ready their weapons for a fight, as the screen goes black,

While this is a zombie movie, the zombies and the attacks aren't the real focus here. There also isn't that much gore either. So if you love a blood-soaked gorefest of zombie movies, you're going to be disappointed here. BUT if you like an emotional horror movie, then this is for you. This goes deep into the existential nightmare of living in a dead world. The idea of being isolated and alone, no other contact. It's just you and the undead roaming at night. 

I did enjoy this movie. It was a deep and frank look at humans in a situation like that. The moody set pieces helped along with that. The quiet eeriness of a dead city. There's not much dialogue or action, so that might be something if you like your zombie movies fast paced and full of action. My only real complaint in this entire movie, is that the dialogue at times was a little cliched and the delivery by Chris Clarke and Simon Jarett was often very stiff and wooden. However, this is kind of offset by the emotion these two guys show when it's needed. You can see the fear, the faint glimmers of hope and more. 

For those interested in a hard copy for your collection, you can buy one here for £10. For VOD, you can get it here