Sunday, 28 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Iron Man and the Armor Wars TPB

Iron Man is perhaps one of Marvel's most interesting and complex heroes ever created. Tony Stark, billionaire industrialist and playboy, is severely injured in Vietnam and is forced to use his high tech armour to survive. He'd later use it to fight all manners of criminals. 

Iron Man and the Armor Wars was first published in 2009. It was written by Joe Caramagna and art was done by Craig Rousseau. The front cover artwork is lifted directly from issue 3 of the series and has Iron Man flying and firing his repulsors.

The back cover gives a brief rundown of the series, as well as featuring an image of what appears to be Tony Stark wearing the Dr. Doom armour, while holding the helmet of the classic Iron Man armour. It collects issues 1-4 of this rebooted mini series, while reprinting issue 225 of the original run.

While any run of Iron Man is very continuity heavy, this graphic novel isn't. It's a non-canon reboot or retelling of the original Armor Wars storyline. Sure, Rousseau's art may smack heavilly of the Marvel Adventures line, Caramagna's story, of the Soviets and Omega Red stealing all of Stark's armour and using it to frame Stark for crimes really works.

As a bonus to the trade, we get issue 225, the start of the Armor Wars saga, from 1987. In this, Stark realises that many of the recent armoured foes he's been fighting have all had the same thing in common, They all have technology and circuits stolen from Stark. Stark takes the fight to every single armoured hero and villain alike to get his technology back. 

This trade is a great introduction piece to anyone who wants to get into Iron Man, but isn't ready yet to get into a deep story arc that may require background knowledge. It may also be a good thing for long time fans of shellhead's who haven't read in a while. Sure, it may be lacking the punch of some of Iron Man's other storylines, but it's an entertaining yarn nontheless.