Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Movie Edition Legacy Power Morpher (Red)

In 1995, Saban and Fox released a big screen version of the Power Rangers. Instead of being tied to the TV series, this was a reboot of sorts, with it's all new designs, storyline and differences. 

Released in May 2016, Bandai released 3 new Morphers under the Movie Line subline. It follows on from the 2015 White Ranger release. The box is the same as the other Morpher releases. It has the movie logo on the top, a shot of all the rangers The morpher and the two coins dominate the middle of the box and the two sides. Underneath, we have a film strip with the LEGACY POWER MORPHER on it.

The back of the box shows the Morpher in the buckle with the two coins. No story on the back, but it does follow on from the other morpher boxes.

On the sides of the box are the new items. On the left hand side, we have a cut out and keep bio card for Rocky, with the photo taken from the building site battle. On the right hand side, there's the movie's synopsis, all printed in various languages.

First thing's first, the buckle part is the exact same as we've gotten in previous releases. this time, it's cast in red plastic. 

The morpher is exactly the same as previous releases as well. It now features the movie style polished chrome on the morpher. The lightning bolts on the front have red labels in them and the banding around the coin holder is plain red. It makes the same communicator chirp when the switch is turned on and the MMPR theme plays when you hold in the button for a few seconds.

The morpher comes with 2 coins. We have a repackage of the antique style Tyranno coin, rather than the plain gold one. For this set and all the others, we have an all new Dino Tribal coin, The tribal coin is weathered as well.

Here's the morpher inside the buckle, ready to be used as the actual morpher in the movie. It fits great and has some good heft to it.

Now, there is a lot of controversy surrounding these morphers. They were released at May's London MCM at a price of £65 each. Once the convention was over, they were NOT sold conventionally, meaning many people who missed out on them, were now forced to buy them through the secondary market. The other complaint is that they include the Tribal coin. This should have been included in the standard Power Morpher, not in the movie one. Bandai dropped the ball by NOT including the Ninja coins with these morphers and I can see 3rd party prop makers actually making a killing on selling Legacy scale Ninja coins in both gold and weathered for these morphers. I'm also going to say, these Morphers can be skipped. There's not a lot new here, other than the tribal coin., So unless you are a completitionist, you can skip these and not really miss out on anything. If you are interested, you can find them on the secondary market.