Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Movie Edition Legacy Power Morpher (Blue)

In 1995, we were introduced to the Power Rangers on the big screen. The movie bought back the cast we know and love, but upped the budget and special effects. It was a reasonable success for Saban and Fox.

In May 2016, Bandai released the next 3 morphers in the  Movie edition line. Red, Blue and Pink. Here we have the Blue Morpher. It comes in the same box as the Red one, this time with a blue film strip with LEGACY POWER MORPHER on it. In the central window, we can see the morpher. On either side, we can see the new coins.

On the back of the box, we have the same picture of the morpher with the two coins. The same film strip theme continues across the top of the box.

On the left hand side of the box, we get a cut out and keep style bio card for Billy. It lists all his weapons, as well as an in universe bio. The picture is taken from the building site fight. The right hand side of the box has a run down of the movie's plot. Both sides have it in multiple languages.

Here's all the pieces in their tray. We have the Morpher, the two coins and the buckle. 

The buckle is the exact same plastic buckle that has been released with each morpher since the first one. Instead of black, it's now been cast in blue plastic, as the movie morphers are colour coded to each ranger.

The coins in this morpher are the gold Triceratops coin and the Tribal. Now, the Triceratops coin is gold coloured and has no weathering on it, yet the Tribal coin does. It's exactly the same as the standard relase.

As for the Morpher itself, it's identical to the original Legacy Morpher. Turning it on makes the same communicator chirp and holding down the button on the side still plays the MMPR theme. The differences here are the lightning bolts on the side are now colour coded in Blue. The banding around the coin holder is now plain red. The morpher itself is made of polished chrome. 

Honestly, like with the Red Morpher, there is nothing really too new or interesting about this set. Bandai really dropped the ball by not releasing them in the UK after selling them at MCM London. They also should have put the Ninja Coins in these morphers, as that's what the fans want. If you're really not that interested, you can skip this set and not be too worried about missing anything. If you are interested, you'll have to get them from the secondary market or if you live in the US, your local Toys R US will have them