Sunday, 28 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Nerd Merch Captain America 75th Anniversary Mystery Box

Nerd Merch is owned by a company called Airwave Apparel. Nerd Merch themselves are based in London and sell a variety of geek and nerd related clothing lines, as well as mystery boxes.

As some of you may know, I am a massive Captain America fan, so when I heard that they were selling an Anniversary themed Mystery Box, I jumped at the chance. I signed up, paid my £35, as I got a discount for it. This is where the problems began. I paid on the 10th August and should have had it by the 15th, but didn't get it until 10 days later, after several phone calls that went straight through to their automated voice mail and finally an email.

Right off the bat, we can see the cheapness. Yep, that is a plastic bag and the address printed out and stuck on. The box itself is a plain white mailing box with my order number written on the top in purple biro. They really dropped the ball off the bat with the box. No Cap theme at all. 

On the top of the box, we have a set of 3 wooden coasters. These would retail for around £3 on their site. One is based off the comics, the other two are Civil War themed.

Under that, we have a Civil War themed blue beanie hat. Again, Civil War themed. Not a bad hat overall. It has TEAM CAPTAIN AMERICA on the front, in red and white.


Our first T-Shirt is a vintage styled Comic Cap shirt. It features artwork of the Shield Slinger on an 80s style pink background, with the logo underneath. I ordered this in an XL size. Overall, it's a thin cotton shirt, perfect for summer. 

The second shirt is from the Avengers movie. It's a military green shirt that has PROPERTY OF CAPTAIN AMERICA 1941 on the front breast. It also has the shield insignia. On the back, it has the classic triangular shape shield on the back in a graffiti style.

The final item in the box is rather odd and seems a little obsolete these days. The final item is a Civil War themed mouse mat. It's a standard large mat with a Cap theme.

Here's myself meeting Captain America in Universal Studios - Islands of Adventure in 2014. You can't see it, but I was wearing a Cap shirt at the time. Back to the box. For the price of £39.99, now dropped to £29.99 in the August Bank Holiday sale doesn't feel that worth it in my opinion. The felt less like an Anniversary Tribute and more like Nerd Merch throwing a bunch of left over movie themed items in a box and selling it on. There didn't seem to be much thought in it at all. You can do better with Mystery Boxes and you can certainly do a lot worse. Now, let me clear it up. The items were of good quality and were worth it. However, the planning behind it was lackluster.