Monday, 15 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger DVD

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger was first released on Japanese TV in February of 1994 and ran until February 1995. It ran for 53 episodes, as well as a Super Sentai World special and 2 movies. It was a more Japanese mythology themed sentai, dealing with a team of Ninjas, descended from legendary Ninjas of the past fighting demons called Youkai.

The series was released in May 2016 by SHOUT! Factory, as part of their Super Sentai line of DVDs, It follows on from their previous releases of Zyuranger and Dairanger. The box is different this time round. Instead of showing the 5 Kakurangers in their civilian selves like the other DVD, we have the rangers fully morphed. 

The back of the box gives us a run down of the series plot, with a picture of the Battle Borgs underneath. On the bottom, we have some promo photos from the series showing the rangers and Muteki Shogun.

There are 10 discs overall, with each disc recycling the same image from the front. The back of the insert has more promo images and a listing for each of the 53 episodes. They're arranged in the same trays as previous releases.

Now, moving onto the DVDs themselves. I noticed no discernible issues here. The sound is fine, aspect ratio is fine. However, like with Zyu and Dai, SHOUT! are using what appears to be lower quality video, probably from old VHS tapes. It does look rather dull and blurred in places. 

I like this set and I'm glad that we're finally getting sentai releases in the United States. However, I do feel more extras could have been put on. I do understand that SHOUT! does not have rights to certain things, like the movies. I also feel they could have put more effort into remastering and actually make it look like proper DVD quality, rather than old TV rips.If you want this set and are a sentai fan, you can pick it up from your local DVD store, through SHOUT! themselves or places like Amazon.