Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Dino Drive Saber

The second season of Dino Charge was named Dino Super Charge and is currently on hiatus on Nick in the US. Though with this new series has come a new wave of toys released in stores,

The Super Drive Saber is one of the all new roleplay toys released from Bandai. The box is large and open, showing the saber in the open box. It has a TRY ME feature. If the trigger is pulled, the drum spins and makes noises. The charger can also be pressed in the box. The back of the box features a picture of Tyler holding the sword, while the rest of the box runs down the features.

The saber comes with an instruction sheet that briefly runs down the features and battery installation.

The saber itself is well detailed, featuring many panel lines, silver detailing and even spines all down the back of the saber and around the top of the T-Rex head. The blade is painted in a bronze colour and made of soft, hollow plastic. The main feature is the rotating revolver style drum that fits 5 chargers in it, meant to represent the 5 core rangers. Pushing down on the middle silver button dumps the chargers out the drum.

Inserting the Super Drive Charger into the bottom, or any other charger activates the main sound effect, that of the change. It also has Tyler shouting "DINO SUPER DRIVE" and then the sound of the final strike happening. The drum doesn't register what chargers are inserted, nor does it register if any have.

The Super Drive Charger is bronze coloured with white detailing. The front has an SD logo and the drum features the saber, then the armour being engaged, then finally the dino charge logo. I've yet to see if works with the UK version of the app.

I picked this up from The Entertainer store here in the UK and paid £25 for it. I honestly think the price is more than fair for what you're getting. The play value is here and who can really go wrong with extra storage for chargers?