Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Dino Super Charge T-Rex Super Charge Morpher

Earlier this year, Dino Super Charge began on Nick, with it came an all new line of Super Charge toys and they've only just started leaking here in the UK,

The T-Rex Super Charge Morpher, or MiniTyra in Japan, comes in the standard box for the morphers. It features Tyler in Super Drive form holding the SD Charger. The rest of the box is open with the morpher on full display, held in place with a cable tie. It comes with two charges, The Super Charge charger (or carnival) and Fossil Stego.

The back of the box shows Red in Super Charge/Carnival mode with the Super Charge Blaster. The rest of the box shows how the morpher works. It doesn't show the combined form with the standard Morpher.

The large instruction sheet shows how the morpher works, how to activate the various features and sounds, as well as how to combine it with the standard Morpher. There's also instructions on how to change the batteries.

Rexy has two forms. The robot form and the gun form. In the robot form, on the left, you can insert a charger into the mouth. Rotating the head, turns it into gun form, where the trigger can be pulled to activate a morphing sound and a Tyler shout of "IT'S MORPHIN TIME!". The detail and paint apps are pretty good, though not entirely show accurate.

The combined form, made by opening the jaws of the morpher and connecting it to the back of Rexy. Sadly, this only makes a sound effect and nothing new once they're connected. They only make the standard sound effects.

The Super Charge/Carnival charger comes in red and white. It has a 1+ on the front, with TYRANNOSAURUS REX on the back. The drum features the standard T-Rex on it, which slowly drains as the drum spins.

The other charger in this set is Fossil Stego. It's the same as the standard one, however this time, as the drum rotates, stego turns into a skeleton.

I picked this morpher up for £30 from the Entertainer. I firmly believe that with the play value in this toy, it's well worth the price. 2 chargers, a new morpher and turns into a larger cannon when used with the standard Morpher. If you can find this and own a lot of dino charge stuff, I would go for it.