Monday, 15 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy Blade Blaster

When Power Rangers was released in 1993, it became a smash hit success for Saban and Fox, becoming the number one syndicated kids TV show in the world. 

The Legacy Blade Blaster was released in the UK at MCM London 2015 and retailed for £75. Not long after, it was released through A1 Toys and Toys R Us for the price of £79.99. it comes in the similar style of boxes to the other Legacy releases. It's green with a lightning bolt background. There's a large POWER RANGERS logo on the left hand side. There's a LEGACY BLADE BLASTER across the middle in the raised gold font and on the bottom of the box, we have the red ranger holding the blade blaster itself. In the window, we can see the blade blaster in gun mode.

On the left and right sides, we have the LEGACY BLADE BLASTER logo recycled, along with the picture of the red ranger holding it. 

No story on this one. On the back of the box, we have the recycled picture of the Red Ranger again, along with picture of the weapon in it's different forms.

Inside the cardboard box, we have a cardboard tray with the Blaster inside. It's in it's own black tray, with a cover over the top. Inside, we also have an instruction sheet that also explains how to switch the weapon between it's different modes and how to replace the batteries.

Here it is in gun mode. It's completely show accurate to the US props. It's primarily a red frame with the barrel being white with the POWER RANGERS LOGO running down it. Pulling the trigger in this mode will make what laser sound, followed by an explosion. 

Pulling back on the Dino Head, followed by pressing down on a small button on the circle section near the barrel, will release the grip and allow it to be transformed to it's next mode, Holster mode. This is how the rangers would carry it on their hip. pushing down on the trigger makes sword clashing sounds.

Pushing the small red tab on the underside upward will flick out the diecast metal blade. It is spring loaded. This is the sword mode of the Blade Blaster. Pushing down on the trigger will make it play sword clashing sounds as well. 

The Legacy version is definitely an improvement and joins the others as high quality prop replicas. It's completely show accurate and thanks to the diecast and plastic in there, it has some definite weight and heft to it. It feels close to the original and simply improves on it. If you are interested, you can find them online for around £80.