Monday, 15 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Schleich Joker Statue (The Killing Joke)

On July 25th, The Killing Joke was released in cinemas for a one night only event. It garnered decent attention at the box office, raking in $3 million, making it one of the most successful DC Animated Universe movies of all time. It's based on Alan Moore's cult graphic novel. 

In the UK. the first 5000 tickets bought through Vue's online ticketing system were given a promotional Joker figure from Schleich. He comes in this sealed baggie. Inside the baggie is a tray with the figure inside. On the front of the bag, we actually have all the Schleich information on a sticker.

Taking the figure out the bag and tray, we can see the figure fully. He stands around 4 inches tall from base to head. He comes painted in a dark purple suit, with his trademark white skin. He looks like he just stepped right out of the comic books. He stands on a base with a Joker card on it. He's not articulated and comes in this pose, meaning he's a desk item.

The more eagle eyed among you will realise that this is indeed a repaint of the previously released Schleich Joker, that was released in a Justice League two pack with Batman and as a single carded figure released in a Loot Crate. The only differences here, is that in the Justice League and Single box, he's more modeled after Jack Nicholson's interpretation, what with a brighter purple colour scheme, green bow tie and orange shirt, as well as the black shoes with white spats. 

If you like your pop culture shelf decorators, this is well worth the purchase. It can be costly, around £10 off the secondary market, as it was a cinema exclusive. If you can track it down, you won't be disappointed.