Monday, 15 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: SDCC 2016 Dino Super Charge T-Rex Super Charger

With SDCC been and gone, it wouldn't be the convention without Bandai giving away some awesome Dino Super Charge prizes. This year was no exception.

The above charger was released in a box, unlike a small baggie with previous releases. The box features the Dino Super Charge logo. The box background is a scale pattern and has Tyler in his Super Drive armor with the charger in his hand. 

Not much on the back of the box, other than showing how the chargers work with the new items. You can put them in the mini zords from the Power Pack, the actual zords, the new Super Charge Morpher, scanning in the app or simply tapping the button on the side to rotate the drum.

The charger itself is a black and gold repaint of the Super Charger. It follows on the theme from last year, with the Black and Gold Megazord. Black and Gold Dragonzord and the Black and Gold build a figure Megazord released at Power Morphicon. It has the same drum and pictures on it. The main body is black with red text on the gold backgrounds. 

This is a fun little charger. It's a nice addition to any charger collection, regardless of how big it is and a nice nod to the Black and Gold theme currently going on in the world of Power Rangers. If you are interested, they are around £30 with shipping from the United States.