Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: SDCC 2016 Thundercats Classics Thunderkittens set (Part 2)

Mattel and Super 7 have joined forces to bring Thundercats back to collectors Using Masters classics as a base, they came up with Thundercats Classics, which have been sold online, through the Matty Collector website.

Last time, we looked at the packaging, so lets get straight into it. Out of their box, the figures come on the double plastic tray. Both have their hoverboards and accessories on display.

Inside the Cat's Lair base, there are a pair of plastic flight stands with the Thundercats logo. The hoverboard slides over the top and can be twisted and rotated to get poses out of it.

The figure itself stands around 6 inches in height. It's articulated at the neck, shoulders, biceps, wists, waist, hips, knees and ankles. The outfit is matched from the 80s cartoon series. It has wrinkles and creases in the tunic. None of the articulation is hindered.

His accessories are a hoverboard in blue and orange, with the Thundercats logo on the front. His other accessories are a coiled bola rope to attach to the back of his belt. His other accessory is the fully extended piece.

Aside from the relaxed palm, he has hands that can be removed and changed. In the spare hands are one for holding the rope, Another gripping hand and one that is holding smoke bombs that are going off.

He fits quite well on the stand and the board. He looks great posed on it and looking ahead. I didn't feel any weakness in the joints or the figure. Of course, I had to use a bit of force to fit the foot onto the peg, but then it was secure and didn't fall off at all.