Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: SDCC Thundercats Classics Thunderkittens set (part 1)

Earlier this year, Mattel, along with Super 7 announced a return of Thundercats. The figures were done in the same style as the Masters of the Universe Classics figures and would be based entirely on their 80s animated counterparts. Mattel even offered the figures through their MattyCollector subscription service.

The first figures released in the new figures were the Thunderkittens, Wily Kit and Kat, at SDCC 2016. The outer box is a plain black one, with the THUNDERCATS logo on the top. The front of the box has the large Eye of Thundera logo on the front, printed in grey. Underneath that, we have their names on it and a Thundercats logo in the bottom corner.

The sides of the box have new artwork of Kit and Kat on the side, in their classic guises. The right hand side of the box has new artwork of Cat's Lair on it. Both are printed in greyscale.

Taking the figures out of the box, they come in a collectors window box. The contents are held in place with a plastic sleeve. The front of the box has a close up of Lion-O looking through the hilt of the Sword of Omens. We can also see the kittens with all their accessories.

The sides of the box have Kit and Kat on them, new artwork, printed in greyscale. They are both looking up towards the sides of the box.

The back of the box has artwork taken from the side. This time, it's in colour and shows more. It has the kittens racing on their hoverboards across water, away from the cat's lair. Kat has his smoke pellets in his hand, Kit has her rope in her hand. Underneath is a bio for the characters.

This is where Super 7 really outdid themselves with the packaging. The front folds out completely, as does the top of the box to form a diorama of Cat's Lair and the surrounding area, It can be used as a display base for the figures and any others that may come out.

This is just part 1 over and done with. join us next time as we continue our look at the SDCC set, with a look at the WilyKat figure.