Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Slimer Chocs

There's no denying what cultural impact and significance that Ghostbusters has on today's society and pop culture at large. How much impact that Mr. Stay Puft, Slimer and the No-Ghost emblem have, along with catchphrase of "I ain't afraid of no ghost"

One of the last items from World of Sweets we're going to be looking at, is the bag of Slimer Chocs. The little tag has the hazard stripes, with the "No-Ghost" logo and slime drooling down it. They come in a net bag, similar to a bag of coins.

There's about 100 grams worth of foil wrapped chocolate in this little bag. The chocolates come in 3 designs. A screaming Slimer. Slimer eating something. Slimer looking at the viewer, almost expectantly holding his hands. The majority of the bag seems to be the screaming version.

Taking the foil off, we can see that it's a vague milk chocolate shape with green creme filling, resembling slime. Overall, the chocolate quality is very cheap and doesn't taste as good as it should, same with the creme filling. It felt like a very cheap Christmas chocolate.