Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Slimerz Bubble Gum gumballs

When Ghostbusters was released in 1984, it became a cult phenomenon, spawning a sequel, a whole slew of merchandise, quotes from the movie became part of everyday speech. 

In 2016, World of Sweets obtained the license to produce Ghostbusters themed sweets and sell them at retail. Slimerz is another example of this. Retailing for 30p from most stores, Slimerz are slime filled gumballs. They come packaged in a small tube of 5, It comes themed after the other pieces in the line, with the hazard stripes on the sides and screaming Slimer.

The back of the packaging is open and allows the buyer to see the gumballs. They usually come in an assortment of 2 white, 3 green. Like all the items in the World of Sweets line, they're themed after the original 1984 movie, not the 2016 reboot

The gumballs come in 2 varieties, lime green and white. They both have the "No-Ghost"emblem printed on the front. They measure about an inch across.

The inside of the gumball has green filling that's supposed to resemble slime. However, it does very little to add to the flavour. The gum is that traditional cheap gumball, where you get that sharp burst of sweet flavour, then afterwards, the flavour goes and you're left with bland, flavourless gum very quckly. It's also not that great for bubble blowing either. Though 30p for 5 gumballs is pretty cheap, especially for themed ones.