Friday, 19 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars The Force Awakens First Order TIE Pilot Elite (Armor Up)

When Star Wars The Force Awakens was released in cinemas, it became an instant smash and was a merchandising juggernaut, with the Star Wars license being extended to pretty much anything and everything.

The TIE Pilot Elite comes in the standard box packaging for the Armor Up range of figures. On the top of the box, we have the Kylo Ren banner on the hanger. The bulk of the box is made up of new artwork for the TIE Pilot Elite, with him holding his blaster pistol. The right hand side of the box has the pilot inside, with the armour piece.

The back of the box has a short bio for the TIE Elite in a multitude of languages. The rest of the box is taken up with the same graphic of the TIE Elite in the armour piece and then the rest of the figures in the 2nd wave of Armor Up figures.

The sides of the box are largely plain. The left hand side has the shoulder of the TIE Pilot with the star field behind him. The right hand side is a darker blue, has the window and then the Space theme logo on the bottom

Inside the box, we have a double sided instruction sheet. On the front side, it's plain and just says TIE PILOT ELITE on it. The back side has the instructions for how to put the armour piece on over the figure properly.

Inside the box itself, we have the TIE Pilot Elite, his blaster pistol and the Armour Piece. I still think Hasbro wasted a lot of space inside the box, as there's only the figure and the Armour. Almost two thirds is wasted here.

Here's the figure itself. Essentially a repaint of the already existing First Order TIE Pilot, this time with red bands painted on his helmet, which is not removable. There is very little difference here. The pilot still has the 5 points of articulation that all the figures have, moving at the neck, shoulders and hips. Though with the chest pack connected, the movement in the neck is restricted.

His weapon is the First Order Blaster pistol. Seen with many First Order figures in the TFA line. 

The armour piece is called "escape armor". It's a grey chest plate that fits over the figure and the chest pack connects to the block in the middle. 

Here's the figure with the armour piece on the figure. I can see what they were going with here. Escape Armour with jet pack. The shoulder pads do restrict arm articulation and the head articulation is gone while wearing the armour. 

I was able to find this clearanced in Tesco for £5. I think at that price, it's a justifiable cost. The full retail price of £15 seemed far too steep for a repackaged figure and the armour piece, In this instance, I feel the same. Many people might feel that a TIE Pilot with red streaks on his helmet might be a skippable figure. It all depends on how many troop builders you want in your collection.