Monday, 29 August 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars Kinder Egg (TIE Advance X-1)

Star Wars is perhaps one of the largest earning franchises in existence. Earning over 30 billion per year. The franchise spans everything from video games, action figures, toys, bedding and even food stuff.

Since we looked at the egg itself and the packaging last time, lets jump right in. Here's the capsule that comes inside the egg. It still astounds me even now, that the US believes that children can eat these.

Like with the other capsule, we have the double sided insert sheet. On the front side, we have the instructions for Vader's TIE Fighter. On the back, we have the advert for the other toys in this collection.

Vader's TIE comes in the same style as the others. He comes in 3 piece, the body and the head and then the 2 wings, which snap into place. He is a dangler, hence the string on the top.

Unlike the Star Destroyer, which had detailing, this doesn't have any and comes in largely blue plastic that's unpainted and vader's head in black. It's a shame that Kinder really dropped the ball on this one.