Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy SDCC Communicator

In 2013, Bandai released the first collectors items in the Legacy line. These were collectible and rare items that were aimed at adult collectors. They also had deals with SDCC and MCM London to release exclusive repaints at SDCC and certain items early in the UK at MCM

This is the SDCC exclusive communicator. First thing we should note is that this is a collectable sleeve and there are only 500 in existence. The front of the box has the classic LEGACY logos and COMMUNICATOR in gold letters. The rest of the box is taken up by the black rangers

The sides of the box are the same. Just the LEGACY COMMUNICATOR logo on both sides in grey. Plain black background too.

The back of the box shows the black and white rangers holding their weapons. It has a lightning bolt on the background and underneath, we have the MMPR plot line. Underneath that, we have the limited edition number.

The communicator is the largely the same as the standard release. The only difference is, that on one line, Zordon now says "SDCC command center". Other than that, it's identical.

Due to the fact that it's extremely limited edition, these can fetch anywhere from $120 to around $200 on the secondary market. I haven't seen any cheaper than that. Of course, purchase of this may be subject to the individual. If you are the kind of collector who wants everything, go ahead. If not, then you can skip this.