Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Silent Hill Arcade

Silent Hill is a survival horror franchise made by Konami. It's set in a quiet American town by the name of Silent Hill and features many psychological horror elements, as well as puzzle solving and combat.

The arcade game is a spin off. It's a 2 player rail shooter game that features the characters of Eric and Tina. Eric used to live in Silent Hill and is now searching for clues regarding a boating accident in 1910 that claimed the life of Hanna, a little girl. As a result, she is now a monster. As Eric defeats her, she returns to normal.

The gameplay is an on rails shooter with a light gun. Reloading is done by shooting off screen. It also has a multiplayer element, in which the players can work together. In Japan, progress can be saved on an e-Pass.

The game can be found in some arcades. It's not bad overall. It might be worth a play if you can find it.