Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: X-Terminator Slot Machine

Harry Levy is a maker of arcade machines here in the UK. He specialises in making prize themed slot machines and pusher games for arcades in holiday zones. These are different to regular slot machines as they are not only themed around movies, but are redemption machines, meaning they dish out tickets instead of coins. This is why they are popular with children.

One of his recent creations is the X-Terminator machine. Now, it's painfully obvious that this machine is clearly inspired by the Terminator series of movies. The upper board features artwork based on Arnold Schwarzenegger's T2 character and a T-800. It also has banners for the win rates and icons, as well as the larger reels for the bonus game.

The machine itself features artwork based on the terminator franchise. Each Machine is labeled X-T and then the number. Icons on the reels feature such things as a Skynet logo, chips, a shotgun, motorcycle and a skull.

These are prize redemption machines, so no cash to be won here. The artwork is great and the theme works.