Saturday, 15 October 2016

Nerdversity Discussion: "Dear Fake Geek Girls......"

The above picture sums up what many people perceive to be the problem within the geek community. I was shown an article printed in Forbes magazine by Tara "Tiger" Brown, entitled "Dear Fake Geek Girls......"

In this article, Tara explains the difference between older geeks and modern geeks, in that older geeks shunned popularity in favour of hobbies, whereas modern geeks are interested in popularity and liking something that's cool, often despite having no real interest in the subject matter. Tara continues to make some interesting points about how before the internet, geeks had to learn everything from scratch and by hand. This ranged from sitting down and reading D&D codexes for nights on end and writing books worth of notes or sitting in a basement for nights and building that super computer for a large amount of money.

In the same way these days, that anyone with a tablet and Flappy Bird can call themselves a gamer, even though they only played it briefly once and haven't touched it in months, the way modern geekery has become, is that anyone who has a passing interest in Batman and buys a T-shirt to wear can call themselves a geek. This came from Patton Oswalt's article on wired about how we should force modern geek culture to die. 

In 2014, Comic artist Tony Harris, who had worked on a number titles, drew a lot of criticism for his rant on facebook. I have posted a copy of it for you to read. In his rant, he calls out fake geek girls. As he described them: hot girls that attend conventions in skimpy costumes, just for attention. This sentiment was echoed in Sargon of Akkad's rant about the subject. This brings us full circle BACK to the Tara article. In which she explains that a real geek girl is someone who is passionate and skillful in whatever subject she picks and is there to pass on information to others. She explains that being quizzed on subjects aren't a bad thing and the only people complaining are the ones who are trying to fake their way through the hobby and maximise the attention they receive.

So this brings us to you. What are your thoughts on this? should we follow Patton, Tara and Harris' idea of calling out the posers and push them out? Should we let modern geekery die, so we can start all over again? Do we leave things the way they are?