Saturday, 15 October 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Mega Man 2

The first few years of the NES' life cycle is considered by many, to be the best. This is when all the good sequels for games started coming out, as well as unique games and movie tie ins.

Mega Man 2 was released by Capcom in 1989. It was right on the heels of the first game, with less than a year's release between the first and second games. What fans found, is a rarity in the gaming world. A practically flawless sequel that turned out to be even better than the original. 

Gameplay was identical to the first game. Fans may have considered it too easy, even on hard mode, but looking beyond that, we have a game that presents a challenge,while looking and sounding top notch. The game bumped up the numbers of Robot Masters from 6 to 8.