Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Metal Gear

The NES is the birthplace of perhaps the longest lived mascots in gaming history. None have really stood the test of time against Samus, Link, Bowser, Mario and Kirby.

Metal Gear was released by Ultra Games in 1988. Created by Hideo Kojima and a port of the MSX game. Many people out there will be very familiar with the Playstation Metal Gear Solid games, but this is where we were first introduced to Solid Snake. 

In Metal Gear, we have Solid Snake parachute into Outer Heaven with little more than a packet of smokes. Snake could take the sneaking route and remain undetected. Or for the more aggressive player, Snake could kill everyone he came across. Metal Gear invented the stealth genre. It was perfected on the Playstation.