Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Tropics

If there is one genre that stood out amongst the crowd in the NES library, it would have been the RPG genre. 

Star Tropics was released by Nintendo in 1990. It served as a spiritual sister and success to the Legend of Zelda games on NES. The game is much like the original Legend of Zelda in terms of lay out and overworld puzzle solving, but went more Indiana Jones with it, going to the point where one of the puzzles couldn't be solved unless you had a fully boxed copy of the game.

Star Tropics left the fantasy worlds far behind and instead settled for a real world approach to the RPGS, where you play as Mike Jones, a teenager from Seattle, following in the footsteps of an archaeologist in a tropical archipelago. Instead of elemental swords, Mike is armed with a Yo-Yo, a baseball bat and even a football. One that had a lot to offer and a decent challenge to boot.