Friday, 14 October 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Walkabout 1st Anniversary

Walkabout is a series of Australian themed bars and food eateries, here in the UK. They serve Australian themed and beach themed food, serve alcoholic drinks, as well as being the same as most pubs, by showing major sporting events on their TVs.

On the 23rd September 2016, Walkabout in my hometown, Lichfield, celebrated it's first anniversary. I'd heard about this event through local promotion and signed up for early VIP access. The guest of honour for the event, was Jake Wood, best known for his roles as Max Branning in Eastenders and Kill Crazy in Red Dwarf series 8. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Walkabout staff and was signed in. As I was early, I was able to get in for free, but after 10pm, prices went up and up.

Music for the event was provided by Robert Jackson. He had a unique blend of old school folk and blues, being a one man band. They even had a cake in the shape of the Walkabout logo, on a surf board.

When Jake had arrived, people with VIP wristbands on, such as myself, were ushered upstairs, where we were allowed to talk to him and get photographs. The audio I recorded is coming very soon. All in all, a well made event that ran from 8pm - 3am. Thanks to Walkabout Staff.