Sunday, 4 December 2016

Nerdversity Discussion: The Entertainer 35th Anniversary

The Entertainer is a UK based toy store. It was created in 1981 by Gary and Catherine Grant, who took over the The Pram and Toy Bar, located in Buckinghamshire. By 1985, they had changed their name to The Entertainer and had opened up a second store. By 1991, they had opened 25 stores.

The Entertainer is very unique in it's design and layout, that makes it different to other toy stores. Originally, stores were red and had the location name, such as Birmingham's Toy Shop. As of 2013, all stores now have a more uniform layout in blue and have numerous false fronts, false walls and curved gondolas. Stores are constantly being updated and changed.

The Entertainer drew heavy criticism from customers for having a strict Christian ethos when it came to stores. As such, toy weapons are not available for sale in any store. No store will sell any products relating to the occult, such as Ghostbusters or Harry Potter and all stores are closed on a Sunday. However, in line with it's Christian ethos, The Entertainer does tithe it's profits and donates around £100,000 per year to various children's charities in the UK. It also operates other charity schemes, such as Pennies, which rounds up people's purchases and donates the change to charity, though it's optional, this has raised over £1 million. 

During their anniversary, there were various events at different stores, plus a prize draw that allowed children to fill out the above form and win over £15,000 worth of prizes, the entire contents of the Christmas catalogue,