Sunday, 4 December 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Avengers - The Ultimate Guide to Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Marvel Comics has had a rich and varied history over the last 77 years. Creating some of the most well known and iconic heroes, such as the X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic 4, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America and more.

The Avengers Ultimate Guide was published in 2012 by Dorling Kindersley. It was written by Scott Beatty, Alan Cowsill and Alastair Dougal. This book was originally designed to be a cash in on the Avengers hype surrounding the movie.

Like the previous guides before it, this guide focuses on the history of the Avengers going back to it's inception in the 1960s, going into the New Avengers era of the 2000s. It's broken into sections, which feature key issues and events, as well as bios on major members of the Avengers and enemies. The history goes right up to the start of Fear Itself and Avengers Academy. With each decade, it lists who joined the Avengers in that decade, as well as key storylines. 

The book is bright and colourful. It's well padded out with lots of screen caps from each issue and character. The key issues section takes a major plot surrounding the Avengers in each decade and runs down the plot. Even though this book is aimed at 10 year old children, I firmly believe that more adult fans of Marvel comics would get a lot of enjoyment from this book. Definitely worth the pick up.