Sunday, 11 December 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Galvatron's Air Attack

During the 1980s, Ladybird Books released a series of books based on The Transformers.

Galvatron's Air Attack was released in the second series of Transformers books. It was published in 1986 by Ladybird, written by John Grant and illustrated by Richard Dunn. The basic premise of these 2 stories takes place shortly after Target: 2006. It would be released under the "Tell-A-Tale" line, with a cassette tape, narrated by Peter Marinker.

The plot for this story is Supplies of Cybertronian materials like cybernite necessary to repair damaged Autobots are running low in the city of Metroplex, and the Autobots are unable to return to Cybertron to replenish them. Kup recalls a battle fought in a valley on Earth that left wreckage strewn all around, and with Ultra Magnus’s permission, leads a squad to investigate, hoping to find any useful materials. While searching, however, they are attacked by a squad of Decepticon jets, but manage to force them back by firing upon them from the narrowest portion of the gorge, where the flying Decepticons cannot reach.
Concerned as to how the Decepticons became aware of their movements, Ultra Magnus has the Aerialbots investigate the possibility of a new Decepticon surveillance system. The team fail to locate anything from the air, and merge into Superion to gain even greater height. Reaching the fringes of space, the super robot picks up a faint radar signal—the Aerialbots have just discovered Decepticon Space Station Argon, one of three Decepticon spy satellites able to view the entire Earth at once.
Ten hours later, Soundwave completes and activates the station’s refraction shield to conceal it from prying Autobot eyes, specifically those of Cosmos, who has been dispatched into space to investigate. Cosmos does, however, detect the radio transmissions running between the stations and the Decepticon base. Using Cosmos’s recordings, Hound is able to deduce what the villains are up to, and Kup and Spike put together a plan to stop them.

After ten days of construction work, the Autobots complete an electrical transmitter that unleashes a megavolt charge into the atmosphere, generating a display of Northern Lights that blows out the Decepticons’ radio transmissions. Hound poses as Soundwave and sends transmissions to space stations Argon, Krypton and Xenon, instructing them to relocate to new co-ordinates. Galvatron can only watch as the three space stations, invisible to each other due to their refraction shields, collide and explode, raining down all the Cybertronian materials the Autobots will need for a long time.

Thanks to RetroRobotRadio for putting up the audio book.The first story in this is great, dealing with Galvatron making spy satellites. Well worth checking out.