Sunday, 4 December 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Iron Man - The Ultimate Guide to the Armoured Super Hero

When it came to his origins in 1963, Iron Man has always been about the tragedy and the triumph. A rather tragic hero, that has battled his own demons more than his rogues gallery, Tony Stark is one of the most real heroes around.

Released in 2008 by Dorling Kindersley, Iron Man - The Ultimate Guide to the Armoured Super Hero was written  by Matthew Manning and covers all of Stark's comic book history from 1963 to 2007. 

The book chronicles everything you needed to know about Iron Man and Tony Stark, starting with his armours, from the Mark 1, all the way up to 2008, plus special armours. This book only talks about the comic world. so again, nothing about the Iron Man movies.

Like the other guides, this book covers everything in Stark's life in chapters. Ranging from allies and enemies, to loves and even key stories and events from Stark's rich history, going right back to 1963. Like the other books, this is aimed a 10 year old children, but I'd also say that due to the content in it, I'd say it's more aimed at the adult collector too, one who loves the Armoured Avenger,but might not know everything about him.

If you can find this book anywhere, such as a book store or on the secondary market, I'd say pick it up, it's well worth it.