Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Lichfield Festival of Folk (Day 2)

The Lichfield Festival of Folk is run by Lichfield Arts Council. A charity group that puts on around 40 events a year and has been running since the 1970s.

On Saturday the 15th, we went back down to Lichfield's Guildhall, where the Festival was taking place. 

Saturday was an all day event. There were various folk bands playing in the Guildhall's Guildroom, which they had dubbed Wildfire Cafe. This was where the largely unknown groups and singers came to perform in front of a crowd. There were a number of other events happening throughout Lichfield City in the morning as well, ranging from Morris Dancing, to other types too.

We had purchased our ticket for the Saturday event, which took place upstairs in the Guildhall. Aside from the free events, the main concert program started at 12 noon. There was plenty of seating for all people. At the back of the room was a bar and snacks on sale.

At 3:50pm, one of the main reasons I'd come to the event started. It was a conversation with John Tams (Sharpe and others) and The Young 'Uns. It was a chance for fans of theirs to sit and listen to some unique insights into their careers and how they come up with songs. John Tams talked intently on his work on "The War Horse" for stage and screen, talking about how the puppet horses worked and training the cast to sing 1910s era folk songs.

The event ran all the way until about 10pm, finishing at 9:15, with John Tams and Barry Coope. All in all, an excellent second day.