Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars Rogue One InteraTech Stormtrooper

Rogue One is the upcoming Star Wars spin off movie, that focuses on how the Rebels stole the plans for the first Death Star. It's due for release in December of 2016

As part of the Star Wars Super Saturday's promotion, The Entertainer had the InteraTech Stormtrooper up for demonstration and sale. The box has the new Rogue One packaging, showing the figure in a large, open box. The box also shows the features the figure has.

The key selling point of this Trooper is that he's intelligent and after getting my hands on it, I can fully agree with that. The figure knows when the gun or jet pack is either taken off or inserted. Raising the arm with the gun in it causes the figure to yell combat phrases such as "STOP REBEL SCUM!" and "LET'S MOVE OUT!". The jet pack makes flight noises as he's flown around.

The figure retails for £37.99 and I think for that price, you're getting a good deal. Adults might not get as much out of him, especially since the articulation's solely in the arms. But, I think that any child that gets this figure on Christmas morning will be excited and happy.