Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars Super Saturdays (Day 1)

The Entertainer is well known for being charitable and giving back, so every month, The Entertainer likes to give back to it's customers in events called "Super Saturday", in which for 3 or 4 weeks, every Saturday, The Entertainer gives people small events to take part in, in which they earn a stamp. Earn enough stamps and win a prize.

In October's "Star Wars Super Saturday", starting on the 15th October, and running until the 25th, customers were given the opportunity to not only do the weekly challenge, but also fill in in a prize coupon by finding pictures and writing down the letters corresponding to each character. The prize was a £250 prize bundle of TFA toys.

Customers could collect a little booklet from the stand by the store entrance, where other free contests, magazines and catalogues are. The promotional leaflet is for early Rogue One promotion and they also had early release Rogue One toys for sale.

The first week's event, on the 15th was "Stop The Stormtroopers", in which anyone taking part was given an opportunity to try out the new Rogue One InteraTech Stormtrooper. Once the customer had been playing with it for a few minutes, the staff member would stamp their card.