Sunday, 19 February 2017

Nerdversity Reviews: Stikeez From Space

Lidl is a German budget supermarket chain that launched a chain of stores in the UK in 1994. It is well known for selling budget branded food and household items. As of now, they have over 650 stores across the UK.

For decades and even centuries, children have swapped small items on the playground with one another, be it candy, Mighty Max toys, trading cards, erasers and even action figures. Each new craze and fad has started life on the playground. In 2015, Lidl decided to wade into the UK playgrounds by releasing a line of collectible figures called Stikeez From Space. To get these, parents could get a pack for every £10 spent, or they retailed for the pocket money price of 30p. Lidl also released collectors albums and more.

To see what this craze was all about, and why Lidl had sold out numerous times, I bought myself two packets. The foil packaging was largely bare on the inside. The outer piece only showing the logo for the item and the back containing the copyright information. Inside each packet is a little rubber figure with a suction cup on the bottom. For a 30p collectible toy, these were pretty good. They are made of soft rubber. the paint applications are pretty decent too.

This is one craze that sort of slipped under my radar and I'm glad I was able to take a look at the item. These are blind bag figures and they're on the extreme cheap end, so kids can buy multiple packets for their money and still get something good. The crazy thing is that the market for this has blown up to the point where even the blue packet, which are free, were going for around £3 or £4. It's good to see that the playground trading scene is still alive and well