Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Nerdversity Reviews: Board Game Super Saturdays (Week One)

In the run up to Christmas, The Entertainer held it's next Super Saturdays event, this time covering several new board games that would prove popular for christmas

This is the booklet for this event. The front tells the collector that by playing the 4 different games over the 4 weeks will earn you a free copy of Connect 4. It also features a new graphic as what's on the box. The back of the booklet reiterates the "win your height in games" contest.

Week One (dated 5th November) was to play the store version of Pie Face Showdown. Other games over the weeks are Jenga, Bop It and Operation.

After Pie Face, a game where players take turns twisting a crank in the vein hope they don't get a pie to the face, proved immensely popular, Hasbro games revamped the concept for the sequel game, Pie Face Showdown. In this one, two players put their faces in the cut outs, and hammer their respective button faster than their opponents. The loser get either a sponge, or whipped cream to the face.

The game currently retails for £29 in Entertainer stores and they also sell replacement cans of whipped cream. They also sell copies of the original pie face for £20. I really enjoyed this game. It's simplistic, yet has enough going to remain competitive between players.