Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Nerdversity Reviews: BrickLive 2016

BrickLive is an independent convention created specificially for LEGO fans. It showcases some of the upcoming items in the LEGO franchise, including new toys and games, as well as showcasing some of the finest worldwide fan creations.

One of the biggest draws of the entire event was a large board of the British Isles. It alllowed visitors to build a small building from their home town and put it on the map. The event was called "Build Britain" 

Also at the event was the world's largest LEGO Pumpkin being made. They completed it over the weekend and were in the process of building a much larger one over the course of next year's con. They also had the world's largest LEGO construction at the event, a DFDS ferry.

One of the more popular exhibits for adult fans was the LEGO art gallery. This had actual works of art as created almost perfectly in LEGO bricks. They also had busts of famous people made in LEGO. There were children there of course, but they weren't knowledgable of the artworks and people. But they were admiring the work.

One of the more of creative aspects of the entire show was a full city made of both actual LEGO and Duplo called FABULAND. It incorporated all aspects of the entire franchise to make it work

The biggest reveal at the event was  the reveal of the The Force Awakens LEGO sets. The figures revealed were Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren and the Starkiller Base forest battle. 

All in all, this was a very interesting and fun event at the NEC. It was a celebration of LEGO for fans, by fans and had enough there to keep adult and child fans excited and happy. From seeing what fans had made, to shopping, to putting their mark on the map, it was well worth entry fee. Can't wait to attend next year.