Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Nerdversity Reviews: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Evolution (Part 1)

TMNT made it's debut in the 1980s as a comic book. In 1987, it was born as its most popular incarnation, that being the cartoon series and has been engrained in pop culture ever since. It even created the superhero animal boom of the 1990s.

Released in 2015, as part of the Nickleodeon TMNT line, this Leonardo Evolutions 3 pack features Leonardo in 3 of his most famous incarnations. That of his Comic book counterpart, 1987 cartoon and 2015 cartoon. The set comes in a window box that shows off all three figures in poses. The main colour is blue, lie the character's bandanna

The top and sides of the box share the same window box design and blue outer edges. There's not much else

The back of the box has images of all 3 figures and bios for all of them. On the back of the box, they're all in order of appearance. The bios are short synopses of the characters and the series they belong to.

All three figures sit in a plastic tray within an inner sleeve. The plastic tray holds the figures and all the accessories. The figures are held in with elastic bands that require snipping to remove. The inner sleeve is printed in green and features a manhole cover with green light emitting from the holes.