Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Nerdversity Reviews: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Evolution (Part 3)

In the last part, we took a look at the 1984 Leonardo from the Leonardo Evolutions 3 pack. So, lets get into it and look at the next figure.

The next figure is the 2010 Playmates TMNT Classics reissue of the 1987 figure. Virtually identical, other than a datestamp on the foot being changed. This is the figure that is the key selling point as everyone in the 1980s and 1990s had this figure, or at least wanted it. Leonardo stands in that 5 inch scale and is articulated at the neck, shoulders, biceps, wrist and hips. He comes in that classic green skin colour, blue bandana and harness for his katanas. 

Just like the original figure, his accessories come attached to a weapons tree, shaped like a weapons rack. Aside frm the traditional katana blades, he comes with two different punching daggers, a hook sword and a pair of throwing stars. The throwing stars can attach to the weapons frame, via the attachment knobs. 

All of the weapons fit firmly in his hands and look fantastic. I had no trouble at all getting the figure to hold any of his weapons, even the small and fiddly throwing stars. The katana even fit firmly in his backpack sheath.

All in all, this figure will be the largest selling point for the set, as it does invoke a certain amount of nostalgic memories in many a turtle fan. For many, it will be the closest way of getting an original TMNT figure without having to spend a large amount of money on getting a complete and good condition one off the secondary market. Again, it is identical to the 1987 original figure, just with the date stamp changed from 1987 to 2010