Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Transformers Generations Bumblebee (Legion Class)

Transformers Generations is a highly popular line dating back to 2010. It follows on from Classics and Universe.

The Legion Class Bumblebee comes on the same Generations card. This example is the later reissue in the Combiner Wars line. It's the same figure. The card art features the character artwork. The figure is seen in a bubble. The back of the card features a small bio for the figure, artwork of the character and the instructions printed on the back.

The figure stands at the same 7cm height. The figure is modelled after his new smart car style alt mode. The paint apps are yellow, orange and black. Theres silver paint on his face. Transformation is a little more complex, given the way the legs, arms and backpack fold up. 

The figure is a pretty good representation of the figure. The figure is easily found on the secondary market and can be either cheap or expensive, so would be wise to shop around, especially now the Titans Return figure is coming soon.