Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Transformers Generations Optimus Prime (Legion Class)

Transformers Generations is the current era of Transformers, starting in 2010. It follows on from the 2006 Classics line and 2008 Universe line. The line currently covers all the Generations, Henkei, Classics 2.0, Combiner Wars and Titans Return

The Legion Class Optimus Prime comes carded. The artwork is of the legends figure, a repaint of the Pipes figure. The back of the card has images of the figure, stats and instruction guide. Not that many people would need it, as it's a legion class figure.

The figure is a repaint of the legion class Motorbreath figure. It stands around 7cm tall. He's decorated in a very G1 design. His alternate mode is the classic box cab truck. Transformation is simple. Push the legs together. Twist the waist, fold the arms in a G1 style and then push the head down. The paint applications are very good for being a small figure.

There was a repackage of this figure released in Dollar General that came with a red version of the Motorbreath sword. The figure is exactly the same. Overall, this figure is pretty good and is found very easily on the secondary market for around £9.